The mixer named “Master” just controls what comes out of my front speakers. But I think you don’t want to connect your tv card to your AV-Receiver. Now adjust your soundcard’s volume levels. I can use jack, and ardour works great. My problem is that my E-mu is “dead” after resume from standby.

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The problem is the same for all ALSA versions since the audigy2 was first supported up to 1. A press on “m” on the keyboard got rid of the problem — and enabled the “Bass” and “Treble” sliders.

Luckily, I found a solution after some googling. Is there any way bringing digital output to tvtime because I want to get rid of the extra wiring from the speakers-output to the 6CH-input of the receiver?

what is the difference between snd-emu10k1 and emu10k1?

There are two ways of getting Linux drivers to work, you can either compile them into the kernel or build them separately as modules. What is model number of this card??? Note that this lknux doesn’t have a mute option. Without their work I never would have discovered the true power of this hardware.


I use a script: Please add links to worthy information about the Sound Blaster Live! Introduction to Linux – A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter.

Finally, an even better alternative to using a 32 Bit Kernel or limiting your system RAM is to apply the following small patch to the kernel:. The controls that have linyx tested and verified are: What can I do? Default value is Then run configure and make. I’m missing information related to ALSA and standby mode. ALSA version is 1.

If you cranked the bass up any bit over 50 it would start having distortion. Only the rear speakers work.

Sound Blaster Live!/Audigy and E-MU Digital Audio Systems devices

So I just compiled and installed linnux new alsa-drivers, and now everything works nicely Along with the changes to the Audigy’s mixer in 1. Anybody with the same problem?


On page 23, there is a nice diagram, and you should be able to match a lot of the items to the names you see in alsamixer. For drivers older than 0. Small update for those interested. This should solve your problem.

Many thanks to Oliver Gerlich and Peter Zubaj. If you have an “Audigy 4” card and already have alsa configured, but you get no sound out of it, try the following only for analog outputs:. I can’t have both of them. You should also take a look at the kX Projectthey have more emu1k1 documentation.

I would recommend using alsa over oss.

Emu10k1 Linux driver

You can check at all is working or not as expected with:. Why this is so? There is no ‘master’ slider that will affect the entire audio stream – lknux you, I can only adjust speakers individually.