Mello , Guilherme V. Minimization of the rate of change in torques during contact transitions for humanoids. Konstantinos Machairas , Evangelos Papadopoulos: On some extensions of Fast-Lipschitz optimization. Navas , Francisco R. An index for the “local” influence in social networks. Primal-dual algorithms for discounted Markov decision processes.

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Modeling and control of a two-tank molten salt thermal storage for a concentrated solar plant. MachadoShankar P. Design of an unknown input observer to enhance driver experience of electric power steering systems. Asynchronous algorithms for network utility maximisation with a single bit.

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BalasSusan A. Jan JantzenCarl Jakobsen: Output-based sliding mode control design for linear plants with multiplicative disturbances: Synthesis of virtual holonomic constraints with stable constraint dynamics. Control-oriented first principles-based model of a diesel generator. Trier 1 Trier 2. Eco-driving using real-time optimization. Modeling and simulation of parabolic trough solar fields with partial radiation.


Source estimation for wave equations with uncertain parameters. Constraint removal in linear MPC: Nonlinear adaptive control scheme for discrete-time systems with application to freeway traffic flow networks. HoweyStephen R.

Circular orbit spacecraft control at the L4 point using Lyapunov functions. Max DuccMax G.

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MaciejowskiKeck Voon Ling: Extension to transient behavior and non-periodic inputs. State feedback output regulation for eycc class of hyperbolic PDE systems. Learning of cooperative behaviour in robot populations. Development of cooling control technology by just-in-time modeling for power reduction in large-scale data center.

Bulat KhusainovEric C. Self-adjusting control for multi robot team by the network operator method. Autotuning method for a fractional order controller for a multivariable 13C isotope separation column. Ejcc learning control of a long range tribometer under repetitive perturbation and friction.

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Analysis of a novel time-delay diabetes model. A gossip-based cooperative approach. Adaptive neural backstepping control strategy of three-phase active power filter.


Self-organizing distributed control with situation-dependent communication. Real-time scenario-based stochastic optimal energy management strategy for HEVs. Michele CucuzzellaAntonella Ferrara: An application of the circle criterion. An identification approach to lighting control.