Time synchronization can be achieved by simply reading the time registers, using the SYNCCLOCK card to generate periodic interrupts, or latch the time of an external event. Retrieved from ” https: Brandywine TimeSpy – precise measurement tool for a wide range of signals Brandywine Communications The TimeSpy precisely measures the time accuracy of a wide range of inputs such as: The HPTS is able to function as a master clock to create custom systems requiring crucial timing accuracy. Applications Radio Base Stations:

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CBIL :: Lange-CLHaveQuick

The current time at the on-time epoch is transmitted as a string of octets, where each octet consists of a four-bit BCD digit preceded by a four-bit checksum of the octet. A local clock set up through the Time Management Page: The IDC then provides accurate t A wide variety of applications for the Frequency Standard QFS that require a precise frequency standard include radar systems, missile range timing systems, satellite command term The on-time epoch is defined by a PPS signal transmitted on a dedicated wire.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Each octet represents a code word from a Hamming 8,4 code, which has distance 4 and thus can correct a single-bit error and detect two-bit errors. Since timestamps are captured for every packet transmitted and received, there is no need to parse the packet itself or change it in any way.

Follow us on YouTube. The Have Quick I format includes the hours, minutes, and seconds, each in two octets each in that order. Brandywine Communications Network Time Adapter provides a convenient and flexible means of accurately time synchronizing computers, time displays, PBX’s and a wide variety of other equi Calibration of laboratory’s equipment Reference for microwaves applications Interferometry, S Please Contact us for more information about these new products.

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However, the weakest link in this scheme is that the master reference source is the commodity compute clock oscillator and operating system. Once the target frequencies were identified, radio frequency jamming could easily be employed to degrade or completely disable communications. The PCI Express card uses its time source to generate time from an internal disciplined oscillator, that can be accessed across the PCI-Express bus through a timecodd of zero latency time re This compact PCI receiver modules provide a Itmecode HQS was developed to facilitate long cable runs of both 1PPS and Have Quick signals for ships or aircraft requiring these timing reference signals at multiple locations.

A good guess is that this scheme could do as well as the PPS discipline, which has a nominal jitter on the order of a few microseconds. But, this is the same issue studied in Section Spectracom – Essential Ingenuity. Available in 1U and 2U sizes, both versions have h For enhanced phase noise performance an optional clean up oscillator is installed between the rear panel inputs and the inputs of the transfer switch.

Time and frequency information main The FRU is a state of the art, high-precision frequency standard capable of outputting ten isolated precision 10MHz frequency reference outputs.


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During development and the procurement of UHF radios, military planners did not require haveqhick to secure communications for aircraft and helicopters from jamming until the post- Vietnam War era.

Previously, provisions for precision time and frequency sources was on a system-by-system basis with no urgent need for standardization.

A word of the day timecoee a transmission security variable that consists of six segments of six digits each. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat At intervals something less than 1 s, the NIC driver updates the structure holding the last NIC clock and system clock and trims the K multiplier.

The M is a Modular Timing System provides a Master Clock based upon a central microprocessor and a precision oscillator time base for many applications including synchronizing comput The incoming input time information may be provided as local time, but System Time may be configured as UTC time, so internal computations need to be performed.

The frequency standard is also able to slave to an external 1PPS signal to steer and hold the internal oscillator and clock system precisely in time.

The available output formats are as follows: