I am not looking back at all after bombing multiple yd drives today. Get to a demo day or visit a certified club fitter and try out a bunch of driver head and shaft combinations to find the best fit for you. A factory-installed swingweight screw 2, 7 or 12 grams is used to match head weight with your preferred shaft. I went to a fitter and spent a lot of time on the launch monitor before settling on the D3 with the Titleist Voodoo in X-stiff. I recommend this to any mid to low handicapper.

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All 3 models are excellent and in our view this is one of titlwist best new drivers in the market this year, so get along to a Titleist supplier and try one out.

Titleist 909D2, 909D3 and 909 DComp Drivers

Question about the photo looking at the 3 club faces. It’s like driving a Bentley – oppulent, satisfying, unreal. It is not as hard to hit as people have told me including the guy at the store who tried to fit me with the new Tiitleist.

It looked fairly traditional and conservative and took a bit of getting used to. The D2 delivers mid launch with low- to mid-spin. The D3 eliminates the need for compromise in my golf swing. And yes, that pun was totally intended. Several holes at my the courses I normally play require a draw off the tee. July 05, at What does the torque of a shaft mean? Thank you for all the time you put in these reviews, best to luck to you and your golf game!


I just don’t want something that balloons on titleeist The website shows 3 different weights, which I assume will impact launch conditions. D3 is a titanium driver with a deep face, a classic pear profile, and mid launch, low spin launch characteristics and an MOI titlelst The D3 eases the requirements for me to hit a draw.

The composite crown of the D Comp allows us to lower the center of gravity CG without increasing backspin. Into a stiff breeze with a lot of open space it can be pretty useful, but beyond that…. I just got the Dcomp with the Matrix Xcon 6 shaft. You just have to find a shaft combination that works for you They are cheap on ebay at the moment. Thanks for the great review.

I love the sound and set-up.

Titleist Driver Review – Golfalot

I liked the S back in those days. Yet the heads differ in shape, construction and, ultimately, performance. Are these user changable? Thank god nobody got my 8. Not ideal on days that you struggle with inconsistent ballstriking; adequate distance but some panelists expect more.


I purchased a D2 driver last year after coming across the sand trap review by accident and absolutely love it. Titleist has stated that they expect about half of their PGA Tour staff and player base to be best fit with D2, with the remaining half split between D Comp and D3.

The D3 is also titanium with a smaller cc head for low launch and low spin, ideal for very low handicap players 9099d the DComp is a composite titanium and carbon head for High launch and mid spin.

This chart does a nice job of summarizing the issue. The reduction in backspin alone is more than enough for me to keep it, and I still like the looks and feel. Notify me of new posts by email. While the D2 looks quite a bit like D2 at address paint treatment asidethe D3 has the killer looks in my book.