If you find any errors contact me using the sites contact form. Our patented technology was originally licensed to Itronix, the leader in ruggedized mobile computing. It wasn’t a major problem at all — if it were they keyboard would be a poor choice for gamers — but the space bar is short and the edge of the case is rather high. Hope you found this guide to be helpful and interesting. Additionally, a second backslash key is located to the left of the space bar. I say “PC” because it is roughly the size of a Mac keyboard.

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EluminX Keyboard Review – IGN

The person I spoke to did not ask for any sort of proof of purchase or serial number and sent the hinge to my address using standard USPS, which took about a week California to New Jersey. Kfyboard, I was quickly impressed and looked forward to a review sample. Firstly, the keystroke is very shallow, perhaps three millimeters compared to the six or so millimeters for elumnix standard desktop model. Gamers who use these for character control might have a difficult time adjusting to the decreased surface area.

The total key travel of the keys are 4mm and they have a peak tactile force of 30g. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on fluminx page. Some of the most popular uses for a membrane kkeyboard are for the keys on basic keypads, as seen on dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators and so forth. The evolution has gone from a nondescript flat board to an ergonomic split shape to fully equipped multimedia models loaded with programmable hot keys.


If a key is dislodged or not functioning properly then some simple steps can be take to remedy the situation.

Auravision S Wired Keyboard | eBay

The EluminX is a backlit keyboard made by Auravision. Due to the minimal size of the hinge and its placement on the keyboard this procedure can be tricky. It took me a couple of hours to adjust to the new placements.

The company had even signed itself a superstar gamer, Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel to help push product.

The Little Keyboard That Can: Auravision EluminX

Again, due to size constraints, these buttons are smaller than most. I think the biggest weakness of the keyboard is actually the weakness of the hinges- they are very thin pieces of plastic which must be bent and, at times, forced into place.

It is expensive, but I still have no problem recommending it elumjnx.

I only wish Auravision had installed a light switch. I wasn’t looking for a replacement for my Elite, but after spending a week with the EluminX it was hard to go back to my Microsoft. Itronix laptops have been field tested and approved for use by military services, as well as government agencies including the FBI and CIA. Be one of the first to enjoy the same technology that the government has been using.

The International Olympic Committee is also using this patented technology for their operations. As you can see in the last product shot, which shows the edge next kehboard a CD jewel case, the EluminX is very thin.

Do the same with any things you feel should be included. The only part of the keyboard that I found slightly annoying for gaming was the space bar. At work I use a Microsoft Natural MultiMediawhich started life promisingly enough but has soured to a sticky, slow-responding dog.

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The speed of the keyboard was especially noticeable in UT, with its double and triple tap commands and generally fast action. First, the hinges are held to the keyboard with four nubs.

These keys have been moved to the right edge of the main keypad. The translucentcy of the keys and back panel make fixing this keyboard doubly difficult. Odds are that the EluminX will take up much less space than your current board. Hope you found this guide to be helpful and interesting. If there is a breakage there is a large keyboardd that only one nub will break off. The keyboard elumin very legible in both light and dark situations.

Auravision S202-12 Wired Keyboard

The size of the Eluminx makes it an ideal LAN party keyboard, and this is true so long as pressure is kept off of the keys during travel. The first commercially available computer keyboard that remains totally visible – in the dark or low-lit workspaces.

If a key is not working properly the best thing is to use your fingernail or plastic keybosrd card to lift the bottom of the key.